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Micro Management

Do your business needs Micro Management?


Lets Go with a scenario:

There was an organisation which has 10 employees. The owner in that organisation doesn't trust the employees on the works. So what he does is, he always be near them and he was tracking each and every work they did. Eventually he can't able to focus on clients, marketing, statergies and improvement. He was convinced that he was good at managing the employees. One fine day, the owner got sick for a week, On those days of owner's absence, the employees doesn't know what works have to be done. As because, they got tamed only to work on the alloted tasks with the owner's presence. At the End their output is zero.

Do you need this situation? If no, we can see in detail about micro-management.

What is Micro Management?

If a person constantly watches their employee while completing the task, we call them as micro managers and the management is called micro management. This management has lots of dis-advantages but for few employees it has to be done. Before that, lets see more about micro-management.

Why do we do micro management?

Normally people worry about the work and the output of it. Each people has the tendency to complete the alotted work in their style. But because of micro managing the employee lacks in confidence and they loose their confidency in doing the work.

Designation Reason
CEO/ Owner Competitive Threats & Market Demands
Stake-Holders Resposibility of Success
Investers Return on Investment made
Project Manager Project Success
Team Leader Team Success
Peer Work Completion


  • Knows the accurate work status.
  • Make the employee work full time during working hours.


  • Employee always awaits for your order/communication.
  • Lacks in self work.
  • Lacks in confidence.
  • Looses job interest.
  • Create hatered over the micro-managers.
  • Wastage of human resource


It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people to tell us what to do.

Steve Jobs

Is it necessary to do micro-management?

According to my prespective it depends on the employee's performance. There are two kinds of employee. One they will do their work on their own efficiently and the other we need to always watch them and boost so they will complete the work.

When to do micro-management?

We always hire for the best employee. So for the first two months, we have to analyse their working method and then depending on their performance, we can prefer micro-management. But don't do micro-managing for all the employees. Then we will be lacking at creative ideas.

How can get work done without micro-management?

There are lots of other ways to do it.

  • Start using our service (Linkwork.in), so you can track all the work flow without noticing them.
  • Always make them to submit the report and evaluate the final result.
  • Make them to intimate you, after the work gets completed.

Tips for Employee:

There can be few things which can be done by you to avoid micro-managing from employer.

  • Always complete the work on-time.
  • Suggest your employer a proper solutions for the problems that your organisation or your team faces.
  • Inform them prior, before they ask you about the work.
This few things can create trust on the employer and you can be free without micro-managing.

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