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Marketing - Steps for Easy Marketing


Steps for Easy Marketing



  • Identify Your Audience.
  • Identify their Daily habit.
  • Understand their problem related to your field.
  • Try finding solution with your product.
  • Create Awareness of your product.

Lets go with an Example.

Here we will take our product (Linkwork - Task Management Portal) which is a service oriented model.

STEP 1: Identify your Audience

Each product will have different audience which can be filtered with gender, age group, profession, medical illness etc. We need to find our potential Audience. So we won't be wasting time on other persons.

In our example, Linkwork can be used by any person who can be of any age group, any gender but should be a business person who is willing to provide good service. There is one expections, if their doesn't know to use computer they can't our Linkwork. For using Linkwork, it doesn't matter, even if they run a business with no employee.

Also make sure you cover only a small locality at start. For us we can pitch the whole world, but we cant provide support to all. Once if the name gets damaged, then we can't recover it easily. So as if now, We will be only focusing on the audience available in Pan-India.

STEP 2: Identify their daily habits.

To market our product we have to make sure our product is in focus to them. Targeting wrong audiences and targeting wrong locations is a waste of human resume and expenses.

We have to understand what they do daily or regularly. If you have competitors then your product should be displayed more than their products.

Now in our Linkwork, our audience is business people. Generally business people like new informations related to business and its improvements. They also read lots of books. So what Linkwork did is, we start creating blogs related to business which will eventually make them read and improve their business.

STEP 3: Understand their problem related to your field.

This is the main part. To market easily we need to first identify their problems in our field.

Don't worry. There will be definitely atleast one problem. Try to understand that problem. That will be the only option for easy marketing.

In our Linkwork, Our audience (business people) faces many problems. But related to our product, there are only few problems like:
  • Employees waste their time without working. If Asked, they will say they doesn't have any work to do but there will be lots of works to be done.
  • Employees forget the works and remember it only on the deadline or if someone intimates.
  • Employees won't concentrate on the work which has to be done first.
  • Miscommunication between the employee which cause the work to delay.

STEP 4: Try finding solution with your product.

We definitely have to provide a solution for the product to pinch it.

In our Linkwork, We provide solution for all the problems:
  • We have an option for creating task. After creating a task it will show in the pending task.
  • As all the tasks will be on the list, we will be completing them one by one within the due date.
  • As we have priority option for each task, we can make them focus on the task which has to be completed first.
  • Each task has their own live chat enabled with notifications, so there won't be any Miscommunication.
As you can see, we have sort out all the problem and it won't end we keep on solving more problems.

STEP 5: Create Awareness of your product.

Now the solution is also ready with our product. Time to make our audience understand it so we have to intimate them in any medium. Depending on their daily habit (STEP 2), we have to identify where to showcase it.

In our Linkwork, There can be lots of marketing statergies implemented:
  • Social Media Marketing - Popular Now-a-days.
  • Advertisements on Business Maganizes.
  • Direct Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Referral Marketing.
Not all the statergies will workout for all the products. If you have a new product, we prefer giving trials. This will create trust in your audience mind. Once they are satisfied they will refer their close circle.

We have also implemented the Trials to create trust on us also we are providing 100% money back guarantee for 14 days.

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